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R2900 XE Underground Diesel-Electric LHD Loader
Picture of R2900 XE (Diesel-Electric)
Picture of R2900 XE (Diesel-Electric)
Picture of R2900 XE (Diesel-Electric)
Picture of R2900 XE (Diesel-Electric)
Picture of R2900 XE (Diesel-Electric)

R2900 XE (Diesel-Electric)

Built on the platform of our most popular underground loaders, the new R2900 XE is the first Cat® diesel electric underground LHD. It’s a productive, powerful, reliable machine built to meet the underground mining industry’s need for bigger payloads, faster loading and reduced emissions.
Its powerful diesel electric drive engine is EU Stage V compliant, and it offers the power to match its class-leading 18.5-tonne . The R2900 XE is highly productive, with smooth and quick machine responses combined with improved digging and tramming performance. Employing electric drive components reduces fuel burn and improves productivity — helping mines reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.



  • Improvements in visibility, with lighting and camera coverage, including optional side and rear view cameras with color display, auto lights (high and low beam), auto directional switching and auto boom lights on-and-off functions.
  • Factory-ready for fire suppression, dedicated canister area estate and multiple fire suppression activation points, including from within the cab.
  • Improved access and egress with anti-slip treads on all walking surfaces, fold down handrail system with full coverage and two in cab emergency exits.
  • Operator Present System, which protects the machine and operator from uncontrolled machine movements, with hydraulic system neutralization and door sensor. Tire pressure monitoring system is also available.
  • Safer service with service area located on cold side of engine, thermal protection on aftertreatment components, integrated lock-out/tag-out points, front linkage pins for locking the lift arms in place, and bolt-on tow hooks.


  • Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Objects Protective Structure (FOPS) are resiliently mounted to the frame to isolate the operator from vibration for a more comfortable ride.
  • The operator present system helps ensure the safety of anyone working in, on or around the machine by preventing machine motion with no operator in the cab.
  • The enclosed cab design provides fresh, pressurized, temperature controlled air circulation with air conditioning for a more comfortable working environment.
  • Ride Control System that smooths out the ride on uneven ground, smooth controlled directional shifts, reduced driveline shocks, and hydraulically cushioned bucket and boom cylinder stops.
  • All controls, levers, switches and gauges are positioned to maximize productivity and minimize fatigue. STIC™ Steering and Transmission Integrated Control provides maximum responsiveness and control that combines directional selection, virtual gears and steering into a single lever.
  • A two pedal design with improved spacing and position enables better foot control. Improved high and low beam lights offer autodirectional switching and automatic on and off functions.
  • The R2900 XE’s hydraulic system also improves operator control and boosts productivity. Low-effort electric-over-hydraulic joystick implement controls feature simultaneous lift and tilt functions to optimize operating efficiency.


  • The R2900 XE delivers a 20% increase* in productivity thanks to a number of new and improved features.
  • An 18.5 tonne (20.4 tonne) payload results in faster load times, making the R2900 XE a 3- or 4-pass match with the Cat® AD63 truck for greater efficiency and higher productivity.
  • The R2900 XE features 52% quicker* acceleration and improved machine response, providing operators greater control over the machine. It can accelerate from 0-24 km/h in 6.4 seconds, a 52% improvement over the R2900G, and achieves 7% higher*speed on grade.
  • The R1700-style lift arm can reach higher, making it faster and easier to load larger trucks, and improved hydraulic performance makes loading faster and easier. These improvements and more result in reduced cycle times, more material moved and lower cost per tonne. Autodig helps new operators be productive faster and reduces fatigue for all operators.
  • Productivity is enhanced through the R2900 XE’s hydraulic system. Variable piston pumps deliver higher flow rates for faster hydraulic cylinder cycle times and powerful lift forces. Large-bore lift and tilt cylinders deliver exceptional strength, performance and durability.
*Compared to R2900G


  • The R2900 XE employs a high efficiency electric drive system and is powered by a quiet, reliable and durable Cat® C15 engine.
  • With greater than 31% increased fuel efficiency* and a variety of emission reduction and aftertreatment options — including an EU Stage V configuration and diesel particulate filtration — it provides the power you need while also reducing ventilation costs and helping you meet your sustainability goals. RPM, fuel burn, heat generation and exhaust emissions have all been reduced, while offering an increase in power.
  • Extended service intervals reduce hydrocarbon use and increases availability.
  • Proven switched reluctance (SR) electric drive system that is Caterpillar designed, integrated, validated and supported for reliability, ease of cooling and high performance.
  • Thereplacement of the traditional transmission and torque convertor with electric drive, provides: reduced engine RPM, reduction in engine exhaust emissions, reduction in heat output, reduced noise levels, reduced vibrations, lower hydrocarbon use.
*Compared to R2900G


  • The R2900 XE’s bucket has been redesigned for increased strength and simplified serviceability. Wear bars can be replaced more easily, and the design of the bucket channels stress to areas with easy-to-replace wear pads, reducing the need for welding repairs.
  • Welded, bolted or hammerless Ground Engaging Tools (GET) to meet site-specific needs and fit with site maintenance strategy.
  • Bolt-On Half Arrow (BOHA) GET for bucket edges, which offer more wear material than standard weld-on GET and feature a bolt-on design that enables fast and easy removal and replacement.
  • New Durilock Lip Shroud system that features hammerless installation and maintenance-free retention of GET, with three interchangeable shroud styles to meet specific applications.
  • Cat Bucket Pro App, which provides real-time data on GET performance to help you plan maintenance, manage inventory and understand yourcost-per-ton.


  • By eliminating castings and reducing weight, we’ve increased the life and strength of the frame without sacrificing performance.
  • The R2900 XE features a new axle design that offers increased life, higher availability and a number of serviceability features and improvements.
  • New, larger wheel bearings with optimized positioning and flange-mounted rims last longer and are easier to service.
  • Four planet gear final drive with larger gear sets.
  • The updated brake design offers increased capacity, remote mounted brake bleeders, easier service access and extended brake life.
  • The traction control system reduces tire spin, increasing tire life and reducing consumable costs.


  • Electric drive system with fewer moving parts and parts than traditional torque converter and mechanical transmission systems extended maintenance intervals over mechanical power trains.
  • Improved service access, with swing-open radiator guard, with filters and key service tasks grouped into a centralized service section.
  • Added remote mounted test ports for testing and troubleshooting. Brake bleeder points in centralized locations.
  • Fuel tank that bolts in to the frame, allowing it to be easily cleaned or replaced if damaged as it bolts in to the frame.
  • Modular designed components for easier removal and installation at time of repairs.


  • Factory-ready for remote operation and can be equipped with the industry-proven Cat® MineStar™ Command for underground, which offers line-of-sight remote control; teleremote operation; co-pilot, which requires only directional input from the operator; and fully autonomous operation, including Autodig.
  • High-resolution dash displays with 11 language options for access to real-time system information.
  • In-cab machine health monitoring visible on the digital display and monitored through the Cat Product Link™ Elite (PLE) system, including integrated MineStar Health offerings that enable proactive maintenance services and predictive equipment analysis.
  • Optional MineStar Fleet for underground, which provides real-time visibility to cycle time,payload, machine position and other key operational parameters.
  • Optional MineStar Detect, which uses a proximity detection system coupled with a revolutionary communication and tracking network to prevent incidents and track people and machines in real time.


  • Ongoing research and development into engine compatibility with diesel fuel blended with lower-carbon intensity fuels such as biofuels and renewable fuels, plus power options like electrification.
  • Cat Rebuild and Cat Reman programs, which preserve raw materials, conserve energy and reduce emissions.
  • Retrofits and upgrades for older machines — to incorporate efficiency improvements and emission reductions, and to keep them in production longer to conserve energy and minimize the need for raw materials.

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