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Cat Sequence Assist for Wheel Tractor-Scrapers
Reduce Operator Fatigue
Increase Productivity

Cat Sequence Assist for Wheel Tractor-Scrapers

Cat® Sequence Assist for Wheel Tractor-Scrapers uses integrated software to automate repetitive tasks an operator performs when loading, hauling, and dumping. Reduce operator fatigue and rework caused from working manually.



  • Sequence Assist simplifies operations by using position-sensing cylinders to move the implements into position for each stage of the work cycle.
  • Simplified controls allow operators to more quickly cycle through functions. Finish jobs in fewer passes and with less operator fatigue.
  • Helps experienced operators work more productively and accurately over long shifts. Help less experienced operators become proficient and get to design plan faster.
  • Sequence Assist works in conjunction with external site system solutions for boosted productivity.
Improve Productivity


  • Integrated software automates repetitive tasks an operator performs when loading, hauling, and dumping.
  • Sequence Assist allows the operator to cycle through up to 14 machine commands with the push of a button.
  • Automated Sequence Assist functions help to reduce operator fatigue and enhance jobsite safety.
  • Software helps to increase jobsite efficiency and productivity through a reduction in time, fuel, and passes.
  • Factory-installed Sequence Assist components help to ensure long life, maintain reliable control, and guarantee accurate results.
Integrated Cat Technology


  • Reduce operator time spent concentrating on controls to increase time spent on jobsite efficiency.
  • Easily switch between manual and automatic mode with the push of a button.
  • Ergonomic T-handle enables operators to enjoy uninterrupted operation from one cycle stage to another.
  • Implement positions can be personalized to operator preference, as well as stored in the operator profile for daily use.
  • Sequence Assist is designed for seamless system integration with Load Assist and Grade Control.
  • Operators of all experience levels can easily set cushion hitch, bowl height, apron height (621, 627, 631, 637 & 657), ejector, elevator direction and speed (623) to desired specifications.
More Work, Less Time


  • Payload Estimator is an integrated feature for Sequence Assist that helps operators increase productivity with less effort.
  • Sensors use bowl lift cylinder pressure during the loaded haul segment to calculate payload.
  • Data is provided at the end of the haul when the machine enters the fill area.
  • The system helps operators reduce overloading that can cause excessive equipment wear and safety concern.
  • Confidently work to optimal payload to maintain standard fuel usage and control operator costs.
  • Payload Estimator is integrated with VisionLink™ to automatically report any equipment warnings to the site manager.
  • Sequence Assist and Payload Estimator are ordered with the machine and supported by your Cat dealer or SITECH® technology partner.

Payload Estimator is not available for 637 Coal Bowl and 657 Coal Bowl machines.
Payload with Estimator

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