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Grade with 2D for Excavators
Grade with 2D for Excavators
Grade with 2D for Excavators

Cat Grade with 2D for Excavators

Cat Grade with 2D helps excavator operators work up to 35% more efficiently in a wide variety of applications. Delivering real-time guidance for accurate vertical and horizontal control, Grade with 2D helps to ensure that cuts and fills are made to exact specifications – without under or overcutting.



  • Cat Grade with 2D is an indicate-only system that provides elevation and slope guidance to the operator.
  • Informs the operator of the distance above, below or on-grade between the bucket cutting edge and the benchmark point.
  • Works with Grade Assist to add semiautonomous digging capability and single lever digging.
  • Increases operator efficiency and productivity when digging and grading basements, footings, foundations, utility trenches, slopes, drainage ditches, and other applications.
Grade with 2D for Excavators


  • Grade with 2D and the excavator work together as one integrated system using on-board processors and sensors.
  • Integrated components are protected from damage, ensuring long life.
  • Select your desired target depth and target slope and the system will give you real-time guidance on depth, slope, and horizontal distance to grade, with height and depth alerts that indicate target grade or obstacles.
  • Easily adjust target depth and slope with joystick commands, the touchscreen interface, or the jog dial.
  • Start digging and simply check grade from inside the cab.
  • The optional laser catcher with laser transmitter compatibility allows the excavator to move—bench once, reference the laser, and continue digging to grade across the jobsite.
Grade with 2D for Excavators


  • Cat Grade Assist for excavators automates boom and stick movements for more accurate cuts with less effort.
  • Grade Assist uses machine position sensors and operator defined depth and slope parameters to activate single-lever digging.
  • Types of automated assistance available:
  1. Grade Assist – Takes over boom and bucket functions to maintain desired depth and slope. The operator sets the target grade and controls stick speed with one hand.
  2. Bucket Assist – Maintains bucket angle and keeps the cut accurate in sloping, leveling, fine grading and trenching applications.
  3. Boom Assist – Automatically raises the boom to keep the excavator from lifting off the ground when digging, lifting or rotating under load.
  4. Swing Assist – Automatically stops excavator swing at defined points when truck loading and trenching, reducing fuel usage and improving cycle times.
  5. Tilt Assist – Takes over bucket angle movements to automatically maintain the desired slope.
Grade with 2D for Excavators


  • Minimize costs by reaching target grade quickly and save costs associated with time, labor, fuel, and material consumption.
  • Integrated components that are protected from damage ensure long life, reliable control, and cost-saving results.
  • Work confidently without guesswork while cutting and filling to exact specifications without under or overcutting.
  • Receive height and depth alerts when working near obstacles that could damage your excavator and cost you money - E-fence.
  • Work safer with fewer ground personnel checking grade in the trench or around your excavator.
  • Reduce operator fatigue by utilizing semi-autonomous digging - Grade with Assist.
Grade with 2D for Excavators


  • Grade with Advanced 2D adds components including: a second high-resolution monitor for grade plan creation, editing and viewing, plus an additional control module that enables expanded functionality.
  • Grade with 3D adds deeper design capabilities when working with complex cuts and fills requiring pinpoint precession as the system uses GNSS technology for RTK positioning guidance for more complex planes, slopes, contours, and curves.
  • Upgrades can be installed at the factory* or by your Cat dealer.

* Cat Grade availability may vary by region and model. Consult your Cat dealer for details
Grade with 2D for Excavators

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