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2.4 m (8 ft)

Cat® Snow Wings are designed with versatility in mind. With independently controlled wings and angling capability, the attachment can be configured to suit the needs of any job and continue to adapt to ever changing needs by being able to hydraulically configure for plowing, pushing, and backdraging to enable cleaning and maintaining roadways, sidewalks and other passages for safe passage in winter conditions.


Curved Moldboard

Curved moldboard design rolls and folds the snow while windrowing, minimizing snow clinging to its surface and spilling over the top.

Adjustable Rear Skid Shoes

Adjustable skid shoes reduce the chances of gouging plowed surface and allow for improved operator control and maintains a constant cutting edge depth.

Lateral Float

Lateral float allows the plow the ability to pivot up to five degrees about the plow frame allowing the blade to follow surface contours and plow more efficiently.

Adjustable Trip Edges

Adjustable trip edges are incorporated into the base of each wing. Sectioned off moldboard springs back upon contact with unseen obstacles minimizing risk of damage to the wing and machine.

Bolt-On Serrated Step

Bolt-On serrated step provides safe and ergonomic access to machine cab that is replaceable if damaged.

Rotary Actuators

Allows 180 degrees of rotation for each wing for maximum versatility. Both wings are independently controlled. The use of actuators rather than cylinders also keeps the components better protected from damage.

Wing Stops

Stops on the attachment keep the wings from contacting the tires or tracks of the machine regardless of plow angle to prevent damage.

Up to 35 Degree Angle

Plow can angle left or right 35 degrees allowing the operator more control over direction of the snow.

Reversible Cutting Edge

Cutting edge is easy to replace, and can be reversed when dull to get another life.

Floating End Plate Edge

Follow surface contour for more consistent snow clearing.

Adjustable Crossover Relief Valve

Crossover relief allows plow to angle if it impacts a solid object. This helps prevent damage to the attachment in extreme conditions.

Tool Mounted OMM Holder

Tool mounted and sealed from the elements, this holder includes all of the operation manuals and maintenance guides required for proper operation of the work tool.

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