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432 Backhoe Loader


The Cat® 432 Backhoe Loader provides a proven engine, operator comfort and control, a powershift transmission, an Excavator Style Boom, powerful and efficient hydraulics, three Power Management Modes, and Product Link™.


Proven Cat® Engine

Powered with proven and reliable Cat® engine. There are two engine options available. Tier 2 equivalent 3054C engine and Tier 3 equivalent C4.4 engine, both with 74.5 kW power rating. All the options deliver superior performance with best in class fuel efficiency.
The 432 Backhoe Loader.

Operator Comfort and Control

Standard Pilot Hoe Controls provides smooth and comfort to operators. These controls mounted on fully adjustable pods offer the operator finer controls whilst giving improved ergonomics.

Powershift Transmission

The 4 speed powershift transmission, improves operator comfort by utilizing the Power Shuttle Lever to shift gears. There is no floor-mounted gear shift lever, improving the already spacious work environment.

Excavator Style Boom

The Excavator Style Boom is iconic to Cat BHL’s. This gives the operator more dig depth and reach when working around obstacles meaning less repositioning of the machine is required.

Powerful and Efficient Hydraulics

The load sensing and closed center hydraulic system actively matches power and flow to the demand and delivers best in class fuel efficiency and better component life. Flow sharing valves provide greater control and precision to the operation.

Power Management Modes

The operator can choose between Eco Mode, or Standard Mode dependent on job and site conditions. Eco mode will save the operator fuel, lowering their owning and operating costs.

Product Link™

Product Link™ comes as standard on Cat BHL’s (however, it depends on the local restrictions if any). Cat Product Link offers data like machine location, Service Meter Units (Hours) (SMU), etc.

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