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Cat® Connect Technologies



Cat Connect technologies offer everything you need to get more value from your Cat equipment or a unified fleet.

With six types of technologies that you can mix and match to suit the unique needs of your business, Cat Connect helps you build the success you want.


Cat Link Technology

The insight you want

LINK technologies wirelessly connect you to your equipment, giving you access to valuable machine data, analysis and reporting. LINK information helps you make fact-based decisions to improve total job site efficiency and productivity.

Cat Grade Technology

The accuracy you want

GRADE technologies combine digital design data, in-cab operator guidance and automatic machine controls to help you finish projects faster, with greater precision and in fewer passes.

Cat Compact Technology

The consistency you want

COMPACT technologies provide advanced measurement options and reliable reporting capabilities to help you consistently meet compaction targets with more speed and less rework.

Cat Payload Technology

The optimization you want

PAYLOAD technologies provide on-the-go load weighing to deliver optimum payloads every time. With access to information on load times and cycle counts, you can maximize productivity and reduce total operating costs.

Cat Detect Technology

The awareness you want

DETECT technologies combine safety features, functionalities and alerts to enhance your job site awareness and keep your people and assets safe.

Cat Command Technology

The command you want

REMOTE CONTROL technologies put you in command of your equipment. By removing operators from the cab and away from harsh and challenging environments, REMOTE CONTROL brings new levels of productivity, safety and efficiency to your job site.

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