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Cat® F Series Excavators

The new Cat® F-Series range of Hydraulic excavators do more for you, loaded with productivity boosting technology that will help improve your bottom line even more.

Technologies like the proven Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope system, and Product Link™ help you easily do work more quickly and efficiently.

  • Cat GRADE with Assist means faster and more accurate grading.
  • Improved fuel consumption of up to 25%#
  • Up to 5% greater fluid efficiency with Tier 4 Final Engine
  • GRADE and PAYLOAD Technology – for increased accuracy and productivity
  • Link technologies – instantly access machine data remotely

“The Bottom line is you will get more speed and accuracy out of your machine with less manual input and fatigue"

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All results based on internal studies undertaken by Caterpillar. Results may vary based on numerous factors including machine configuration, condition, age, operator experience, technology application, site conditions and other environmental factors.

* Time savings of up to 30% using Cat Grade with Assist (available on 323F model) compared to using Cat GRADING Guidance only.

# Fuel consumption savings of up to 25% using Hybrid model (Cat 336F XE) compared to Cat 336E L.

† Fluid efficiency savings up to 5% with Tier 4 Final engine compared to Tier 4 Interim.