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Through regular monitoring of machine conditions, mines can adopt a more proactive approach to maintenance and repair. Equipment health data is a key contributor to that approach. Data helps mines identify equipment problems long before failure.

Accessing the right data at the right time is critical to improving operational intelligence and machine predictive analysis. Cat® MineStar™ Health helps you meet that need by connecting you to your machines and delivering that important information. The MineStar Health portfolio set consists of Connectivity Enablers that collect, convert and transmit equipment data; and Applications that visualize, analyze and report health equipment data.


Connectivity Enablers

  • Product Link™ Elite, an onboard equipment hardware and software that enables remote monitoring solutions, allowing simultaneous data transfer to a local server and the Cat cloud.
  • Product Link Elite – Data Streaming, which enables the transfer of over 150 machine health and operating data points via ethernet communication, pushing real-time data out in an open and accessible format.
  • VIMS Forwarder, a local site software application that enables data transfer from the local dealer or mine server to the Cat cloud, providing easy and secure VIMS files processing and merging from machines to enable health monitoring applications.
  • VIMS Converter, a server-based application that allows efficient conversion of VIMS data files from a binary format to a non-proprietary readable CSV format for ingestion into a system of choice. Files are also transferred automatically to the Cat cloud. 
  • VIMS Telemetry, which enables serial third-party access to a maximum of 92 Cat equipment operating parameters and events.


  • Health – Equipment Insights, an off-board, cloud-based, off-the-shelf application that allows dealers and mining operations to easily view and analyze machine electronic data from Cat mining equipment as well as equipment from other manufacturers through the website using a regular browser. It allows the creation and customization of dashboards powered by over 40 widgets and the generation of automated email reports. 
  • Health – Office, an on-premises data visualization and reporting tool that enables real-time event notification, channel polling and reporting for immediate visibility of abnormal machine conditions. 
  • Technician Toolbox, a portable  software application that makes it possible for service technicians to physically connect a laptop computer to the machine service port to download equipment health data, perform machine troubleshooting, upload configuration files to compatible payload and VIMS system parameters and enables calibration of payload systems on the spot.

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