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346 mm (14 in) 5 Teeth/2 Tines

Cat® Utility Thumbs offer a cost-effective thumb design with hydraulic thumb control, combined with wide compatibility with machines, buckets and couplers.



Cat® Utility thumbs are utilitarian in design. This style is perfect for the excavator that could benefit from a thumb for handling smaller size and lighter weight material on an occasional basis. They are best suited for the machine that does not handle material all day long.


Utility thumbs are universal in that they work well with most all buckets and couplers. They are well-suited for fleets with a mix of machines with varying bucket and coupler combinations.

Easy Installation

An optional bracket can be welded onto the stick allowing for an easy installation if machine was not already fitted with one from the factory.

Cylinder Snubber

A snubber in the thumb cylinder cushions the thumb as it retracts to it's stored position, thus reducing wear on components from unnecessary jolts and frees operator to focus on other tasks.

Shut-Off Valves/Quick Couplings

Allows for attachment of other work tools without removing thumb (ex. Hammer). The shut-off valve also functions as a hydraulic lock when not in use. Quick couplings allow the thumb to be disconnected and another tool used while the thumb is still attached to the stick.

Retractable Thumb

Retractable thumb allows normal bucket loading when not in use.

Cross-Tube Design

Maintains rigidity while offering optimized visibility for better site into bucket when lifting irregular loads.

Thumb Tine Spacing

Optimized tine and bucket tooth spacing allows thumb and bucket to mesh together without interference. Different width buckets can be used with the same thumb for maximum flexibility.

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