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Picture of 38.3m3 (50.1yds3) for AD63

38.3m3 (50.1yds3) for AD63

Selection of the right body depends on material, haul road, and dump conditions. The better the match of body to application, the greater the efficiency. The new Cat®light material truck body is a larger designed body enabling maximum efficiency and greater capacity when loading light, loosely packed material.

  • Cat underground truck bodies have the same strength and toughness you would expect of any Cat product.
  • Body materials, design and fabrication are specially made for the demanding underground environment and abrasive materials to be moved.
  • Cat truck bodies are ideally sized and designed to work as part of a complete hauling system, helping you achieve high productivity and the lowest cost per ton.
  • Two-stage hoist cylinders provide fast dump cycle times of 13 seconds for raise and 24 seconds for lower with snubbing function enabled to protect frame and components at the end of the lowering cycle.
  • The optional Truck Payload Management System (TPMS) allows a mining operation to manage payloads and ensure that trucks are not under- or overloaded. A simple display in the cab gives operators accurate payload information, allowing them to help make sure their trucks are getting the correct amount of material every time. Payload scoreboards offer an external display that gives loader operators a clear understanding of the bucket contents for more efficient passes. Displays on both sides give loader operators clear visibility, with autodimming capacity and improved display accuracy.
  • Cat branded bodies are built in the same factory as our machines and go through the same strict quality controls.
  • Best suit Cat machine balance, support better machine performance.
  • Cat truck bodies are supported by Cat Global dealer network.

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