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All SOS Parts & Kits can be ordered via, to order, register for an account and enter the “SOS” Number listed below into the “Quick Order” (accessible via main menu) screen.

SOS003 – S·O·S℠ Kit

The standard individual S·O·S℠ Kit includes sample bottle, tubing, S·O·S℠ card, life sampler and pre-paid postage canister. Simply place the canister into any Australia Post mail box

SOS002 – Box of S·O·S℠ Kits
A box of 10 standard S·O·S℠ Kits. See SOS003 for contents of each individual kit. SOS002 also includes 3 Express Post Parcel bags. Up to 3 canisters can be placed into each Reply Paid bag for delivery to our laboratory. Individual Reply Paid canisters can also be placed directly into Australia Post mail boxes.
SOS004 – Coolant Kit
The standard individual S·O·S℠ Coolant Kit includes a sample bottle, tubing, live sampler, S·O·S℠ Card and pre-paid postage canister. The S·O·S℠ Card is specific to coolants and cannot be used for oil samples. These kits are identified by the blue lid on the bottle and canister.
SOS009 Fuel Kit
SOS109 – Pack of 6 Fuel Kits

The standard S·O·S℠ Kit includes a tin and S·O·S℠ Card. These kits do not include a replied paid canister and arrangements must be made to have these delivered to the nearest branch or S·O·S℠ laboratory. Diesel fuel in the 1L quantity is not considered as dangerous goods.
This kit includes sample bottle, tubing, S·O·S℠ Card, life sample and pre-paid postage canister. Testing includes all standard tests for lubricants, with the addition of TAN and TBN. It is ideal for Gas Engines and Compressors.
This kit includes a sample bottle, tall canister for filter media, S·O·S℠ Card, life sampler, tubing and an Express Post mail bag. Testing includes all standard tests for lubricants with the addition of full analysis of materials found in the filter media.
SOS108 – Adaptor
This adaptor screws directly onto your sample bottle, allowing samples to be taken directly from a live sampling valve straight into the bottle. The adaptor must be flushed clean with the oil being sampled before every new sample
1U-5718 S·O·S℠ Vacuum Pump
Used for the Vacuum Extraction Method for sampling. The pump is re-usable, though new tubing must be used for each sample.
1U-7648 Tube Cutter
1U-8589 Replacement blades

Clean and trouble free solution to cutting sampling tube.
162-8873 Probe Holder
The probe holder fits over the sampling probe and tube. The textured surface provides grip for easy sampling from a live sampling valve. It includes only one holder.
177-9343 Cap & Probe Group
The Cap and Probe group holds the sampling tube inside the bottle during sampling. The screw cap ensures no dirt or debris enters the bottle whilst the sample is being taken. Single use only.
Sampling Valves:
8C-3446 (7/16’ – 20 –ext thread
7x-3387 (1/4” – 18 NPTF – ext thread)
8C-3345 (M10 x 1 – ext thread)

For sampling from pressurized compartments such as engine, hydraulic and transmissions. William Adams service departments can assist with retrofit of these valves onto compartments if required.
Dust Caps:
8C-3445 (Engine)
8C-3447 ( Transmission)
8C-3451 (Hydraulic)
6V-0852 ( Blank)

The dust caps protect live sampling valves from dust and damage.
Low Lint Wipes:

Low lint wipes are ideal to reduce contamination.
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