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William Adams is now a Mobile Track Solutions (MTS) authorised dealer



We are excited to announce that William Adams has joined the Mobile Track Solutions (MTS) team as an authorised dealer.

MTS offer a variety of construction-grade equipment solutions such as tracked and wheeled tractors, truck-towed scrapers, tractor-towed scrapers, disks, compaction equipment, and much more.

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630HP tractors capable of towing straight tongue and gooseneck scrapers. Equipped with the CAT C18 Engine and CAT TA22H Transmission this unit takes construction grade to a new level! Available in wheel or track type versions.



Tractor and truck-towed scrapers are available in the MTS range. Providing the versatility to be self-loaded, push loaded or top loaded, the range of MTS scrapers available through William Adams allows for increased efficiency and productivity.  


MTS construction-grade disks are ideal for speeding up the drying of work areas and mixing material in the fill. 

The MTS rollerblades are perfect for keeping grade level and packing (sealing) the work area before rain. This packing provides positive water drainage and enables the contractor to get back to work a half shift earlier instead of waiting for the area to dry.

With the Articulated Truck LGP kit from MTS, your articulated truck will have superior flotation in the toughest underfoot conditions. Along with the added flotation of the dual tires, the smaller diameter tire increases the torque by 14% giving an added benefit to scraper applications.


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