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Cat Next Gen Excavators - 2020 Annual Product Update

Cat Next Gen Excavators - 2020 Annual Product Update

Caterpillar is pleased to offer the 2020 Annual Software Update for your Cat Next Gen Hydraulic Excavator. Just as we have come to expect updates via our smartphones to operating systems and our Apps, so too have Caterpillar provided owners of Cat Next Gen products with automatic annual updates, flashed remotely upon customer acceptance.

This unique feature of Cat Next Gen products provides owners with the latest software developments and operator control enhancements at no cost.

Some of the highlights of the 2020 update include new features and benefits such as:

  • Grade enhancements - Faster Grade Guidance for Tilt Hitches and Tilt Buckets
  • Tilt Assist on demand for automatic tilt control
  • New Assist fine tuning calibrations for smoother performance
  • New Infield design options including “New Level” and “New Slope” features
  • Horizontal guidance for Infield designs
  • 2D Avoidance Zone support

Operator Setting Enhancements:

  • Improved machine ECM configuration eliminates operator profile changes
  • New E Fence start-up configuration keeps favourites on by default
  • Lift Assist enhancements for lifting from hydraulic couplers
  • Auto Hammer Stop provides warning after 15 seconds, and stops if continuous operation time is exceeded
  • E Fence support for hydraulic hammers
  • Expanded Payload Measurement range to optimise weight readings (Payload reports can be downloaded from the monitor via a USB)
  • Configure and Save joystick buttons for each Work Tool to match operator preferences.
  • On-Board Preventative Maintenance alert and management.On-Screen remote flash initiation for the next software update


For more info, watch the video below



Don’t hesitate to contact our William Adams Technology team in our Customer Solutions Group if you need to find out more, or arrange for your automatic product update if this has yet to be applied to your pre-2020 build Next Gen machine.