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Life Saving Rules


Our Life Saving Rules exist, above all else, to keep our employees safe. We follow these rules to enable our employees to identify the critical controls that must be in place before undertaking and during work.

The following outlines our 5 Life Saving Rules:

Fitness for Work

I will always present myself ‘Fit for Work’ and will never drive a vehicle or operate plant or equipment under the influence of fatigue, alcohol, illicit or prescription drugs that may affect my ability to work safely.



I will never drive a vehicle when fatigued and I will not exceed speed limits or use my mobile phone (unless hands free) and I will always wear my seat belt.


Isolation & Lockout

I will always verify isolation and lock out mobile plant & plant before work begins and I will never remove, bypass or modify a safety protection device (e.g. guard, interlock or barricade) without authorisation.


Line of Fire

I will always position myself in a safe zone and never walk or work under a suspended load or knowingly work “in the line of fire” of moving equipment or parts (e.g. mobile plant, vehicles or attachments) and energised equipment (e.g. rotating ,electrical or pressurised machinery).


Mobile Plant & Tooling

I will never operate mobile plant or restricted tooling unless trained, competent and authorised to do so.