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Injector Testing Service Now Available

William Adams can now test your CR200 & CR350 (C4.4 – C9) injectors at our Clayton branch. Perfect for establishing reusability or for diagnosing injector faults.

To find out more about the process, read the FAQ’s below or contact 1300 WADAMS to find out more

Q. Why would I go to the Cat dealer to test injectors?
Caterpillar has reuse guidelines to evaluate injector performance to maximize the life of injectors. This information is only available to Caterpillar dealers.

Q. How do you test fuel injectors?
Injectors are tested on a bench that simulates injector performance and measures volume and timing at various test points with a pass/ fail result.

Q. What is the test time?
The test takes approximately 15 minutes per injector.

Q. Do I receive a test report?  If so, what does it contain?
Yes. A pass or fail report will be given based on injector performance measuring volume and timing. 

Q. When you say my injector is 'ok' to reuse; what is that based on?
Injector reuse is based on physical inspection and test results. The test will measure fuel delivery and timing compared to the established guidelines.

The test results along with consideration of the application will result in a final technician recommendation.

Q. What injector life can I expect after my injector is tested and found 'ok' to reuse?
The Cat dealer can guarantee the injector was functioning properly at the time of the test and residual life is remaining. Injector life after testing is affected by many factors; it varies by customer use, fuel and filter quality and maintenance practices. The dealer cannot guarantee injector life after testing.

Q. Is there any warranty on tested injectors?
No. Testing injectors does not extend warranty past the original warranty period. 

Q. I have an AB123 machine/ I have this injector, can you test my injectors?
The Cat dealer has the capability of testing C4.4-C9 injectors. The dealer would need to identify the engine model to know if the injector can be tested

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Testing only available for CR200 & CR350 found in C4.4 – C9 engines