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TAN & TBN Oil Testing Now Available

The William Adams Customer Solutions Group is pleased to announce that our S.O.S Laboratory can now offer customers an advanced oil analysis that includes TAN and TBN tests.

These two tests allow customers to more closely monitor the deterioration of used oil.

These tests are offered through a new S.O.S kit with Part Number SOS3TANBN at a cost of $42.00 + GST per kit.  You can identify these kits by the red lid on both the mailing canister and the sample bottle.

By purchasing a SOS3TANBN, customers will get the complete standard oil analysis with the addition of 2 further tests for TAN and TBN.  Both tests are included for engine oil samples.  Only TAN is included for non-engine oil samples.

These additional tests are recommended for those Customers who: 

  • Own and operate spark ignited gas engine

  • Need to specifically monitor and measure oil degradation

  • Want to more closely manage oil change intervals

  • Have other OEM requirements

These tests are complicated and take longer to process, so customers should expect a 3 day turnaround on normal priority samples.  

TBN stands for Total Base Number, which is a measure of how much reserve alkalinity there is in the oil. 

TAN stands for Total Acid Number, which is a measurement of the acids that are formed in the oil as the oil and its additives oxidise.

For more information and to enquire about TAN / TBN Testing for your machine, Call 1300 WADAMS or enquire below: